An Early 20-Something’s Dabblings in Personal Growth

This site began when I was in college and lists some interesting,  some naive and some stunning insights and experiments that I explored as I grew up.

It’s full of imperfections – but it’s also full of truth, passion and weird, unbelievable things.

I’m much older now but I’m still amazed (and dejected!) by all the original stuff I wrote here, many years ago.

Are you in your teens and early twenties – confused about your career, your relationships, or about what other people think of you? Or maybe you are an older person who would appreciate a young guy’s fresh (and crazy) perspective on life after a major setback?

Then you just might enjoy this site.

Remember: you shouldn’t take everything on this site as the gospel truth. It isn’t. I don’t agree with half the things I wrote here when I was young. It’s not written by a personal growth expert. But I can guarantee that if you stick long enough with the content here, you’ll feel like you’re being helped by a young, energetic, flawed, sincere, foolish and yet incredibly wise young man.

This site can be like your faithful, nutcase friend in your journey of personal discovery.

It has over 180 articles and 20 audios that are fun to read and some of them are useful (not all).

If you are going through a relationship crisis, these articles will give you ideas:

If you are feeling sad and dejected right now, it won’t hurt to read these:

If you are very shy or very concerned about “what other people think about you”, these ‘idealistic’ articles may trigger something powerful in you:

* If you want to read some hard hitting quotes that will get you motivated check out:

These are good.

I  conducted some real life experiments in my early twenties that taught me something. They are all amateurish in the way they were conducted – but there’s something valuable to extract from all of them. Here they go:

You can also listen to personal development audios – audio inspiration from a young friend.

I  hope you enjoy this site.

Hope these articles help you get know yourself better.

All the best!